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As part of Eflare Corporation Pty Ltd’s on-going commitment to good corporate citizenship we are pleased to re-confirm our on-going compliance and certification to the SA8000 Standard focusing on our supply chain. Certification to the SA8000 Standard provides organisations a tangible way of demonstrating their dedication to the fair treatment of workers, both in their own company and across their wider supply chain. Eflare is one of more than 4,000 companies world-wide who periodically take part in an independent supply chain audit conducted to show our dedication to operating a safe and ethical supply chain. In order to achieve the SA8000 certification an organisation must demonstrate their compliance around standards relating to worker safety and well-being with the primary objectives of the SA8000 standard being:

- To ensure safe workplaces and healthy working conditions;

- Monitoring of wages offered to workers and that they are sufficient for an adequate standard of living;

- Ensuring workers have an awareness of their increased rights;

- Ensuring workers have input into management decision making around issues in the workplace.

“We are very proud of our company’s on-going commitment to good corporate citizenship, across many platforms, which forms the foundation of our organisations DNA. Understanding our social responsibility to ensure worker well-being and workplace safety across our organisation including our international supply chain, we challenge our trading partners and the wider business community to do the same” said Eflare Corporations Managing Director Glen Sharkie.