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Accreditation Information

The Eflare Beacons are compliant with the publications IEC 60079 Part 0 (General requirements) and Part 11 (Intrinsic Safety ā€œiā€) and as listed below:

  • IEC60079-0: 2011 Edition 6.0
  • IEC60079.11: 2011 Edition 6.0
  • IEC60529: 2001 Edition 2.1

Eflare Accreditation

  • Accreditation Level - Ex ic IIC T4 Gc IP66
  • UKEX Certificate No ā€“ ITS22UKEX0577
  • ATEX Certificate No - ITS-I22ATEX34113 R.0
  • IECEx Certificate No. ā€“ IECEx TSA 11.0023
  • BASt certification

Accreditation Symbols

  • Ex = Explosion Protection
  • ic = Intrinsic Safety - Gas zone 2
  • IIC - Type of flammable gas present in the atmosphere - Hydrogen (more easily ignited)
  • T4 = Maximum surface temperature of product must not exceed this temperature, +135 deg C
  • Gc = Equipment Protection Level - Gas Zone 2
  • IP66 = Total dust ingress protection, Protected against high pressure water jets from any direction


The new accreditation is only valid if one of the following types of battery is used in the beacon:

  • Energizer Industrial E91 (AA Cell)
  • Energizer Industrial MN1300 (D Cell)
  • Duracell Procell PC1500 (AA Cell)
  • Duracell Procell PC1300 (D Cell)
  • Varta MN1500 (AA Cell)
  • Varta MN1300 (D Cell)

See the Light

Eflare safety beacons are intensely bright, reliable and easy to use, even in the most challenging, low-visibility environments.

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