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Eflare safety beacons were developed in the 1990s with the Victoria Police, to help protect police working on the roads at night. 

Twenty years and a few grey hairs later, Eflare Corporation is a world-leader in LED safety technology, and our products are sold in every corner of the globe, across emergency services, mining, aviation, industrial and transport and rail.

We want the Eflare to remain the best and most innovative safety beacon on the market, so its design and features evolve to employ new technologies and incorporate the best materials available to improve durability, brightness, usability, and ease of storage, transportation and deployment.

You can probably tell we're passionate about innovation, but the best thing about being us is knowing that our work helps keep people safe - anytime, anywhere.

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Safety Beacons for the 21st Century

Versatile, compact and practically indestructible, our LED flares and warning beacons will see your workers through the darkest of nights.

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