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Eflare Corporation (Emtech Holdings Pty Ltd) announced today that as part of their long term growth strategy that they are actively seeking opportunities to invest in synergistic products and companies, and is looking for suitable acquisitions within the Industrial sector.

After several years of realising significant growth, our company is now in the fortunate position of being able to look outside of our traditional revenue channels and make strategic investments and acquisitions to widen our footprint” said Managing Director Glen Sharkie. “For many years we’ve been focused exclusively on Industrial and Warning Technology products and now the time has come to widen our field-of-view and look at a more diverse range of opportunities that utilize our business skillset and our worldwide distribution network”. “We’ve already had some interesting conversations with a diverse range of companies from many different industries which has helped refine and shape what types of investment/acquisitions we are looking at and helped us look at our business strengths and clearly understand where we can add value”. “Although we’ve had discussions with companies which weren’t suitable, the eventual investment/s that we make will simply fit and make good business sense and my door is always open to an opportunity”.

For a confidential discussion Glen Sharkie can be contacted through the Eflare office or directly at