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New York City Transit has just announced that they have awarded All Hands Fire Equipment a two year contract renewal to continue to provide Eflare Flagging Lanterns and magnetic bases to NYCT to be used for flagging during track maintenance.

Since 2012 when All Hands Fire Equipment first introduced Eflare models HZ510, 520 and 610 to New York City Transit as a replacement for their older, larger and heavier flagging lantern, All Hands and Eflare have worked tirelessly towards producing a warning beacon “fit for purpose” for NYCT requirements to meet their new Flagging Lantern specifications. 

NYCT requirements were very specific to ensure the safety of their workers, as worker safety in track maintenance is paramount.  They had very specific specifications in relation to light beam profile, durability, battery life, lens/body design and ease of deployment. The initial trial units were sent to NYCT for extensive field testing and were also tested in independent accredited laboratories to ensure they met the stringent NYCT specifications including intrinsic safety to an ATEX and IECEx certification.

In 2018, following an 18-month process of design, field tests, and independent testing, Eflare Flagging Lanterns successfully completed the Qualification Process and as a result the product was added to the Qualified Product Listing to supply NYCT the new Spec RB610 Eflare Flagging Lanterns and Magnetic Bases.

Deliveries of the original order for the new RB610 NYCT Flagging Lanterns and Magnetic Bases started in June of 2019 and since that time All Hands Fire Equipment has successfully supplied NYCT more than 22,000 Eflare units and bases. As a result of the success of the product for this application NYCT recent renewal of the supply contract for an additional 27 months is a glowing endorsement of the product as being best in class and truly fit for purpose.

The Eflare RB610 Flagging Lantern design has been identified by numerous transit agencies worldwide as the next generation “best in class” Flagging Lantern and as a result is currently being tested for various rail safety applications in several countries.

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