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  • Flash or Steady-On function
  • Single colour state-of-the-art LEDs with pure colours
  • Fluoro body with reflective strip
  • Clear fresnel lens with specialised high performance design/360 visibility
  • No night vision, point fixation or distance judgement issues
  • Unlike a pyrotechnic flare there are no toxic fumes or residue
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Eflare Emergency Services
  • Eflare CaseStudy -  Victoria Police
    • Australia

    Victoria Police

    Developed in conjunction with Victoria Police, the Red/Blue dual flash beacons are widely used throughout the force for Random Breath Tests (RBT), accident scenes, warning devices and roadblocks.

  • Eflare CaseStudy -  Country Fire Authority
    • Australia

    Country Fire Authority

    The CFA relies on safety products like the Eflare red and blue dual flash to perform their duties safely and efficiently. Now this product has been certified Intrinsically Safe to ATEX certification it is also used safely in hazardous environments.

  • Eflare CaseStudy -  Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    • Canada

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    For over 10 years, the RCMP has used Eflares to improve safety for its officers. Our single colour flash beacons are used for emergency sites and patrol work where low visibility and difficult weather conditions are common.

  • Eflare CaseStudy -  Department of Health
    • United Kingdom

    Department of Health

    Eflares are used in England, Scotland and Wales in mobile decontamination units. A green and white dual flash model for use at incidents which may involve contaminated casualties and environments.

Add even more flexibility

From magnetic mounts and traffic-cone clips to daylight-hoods and floatation collars, our huge range of accessories can help you store, transport and use your Eflares however and wherever you choose.

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Safety Beacons for the 21st Century

Versatile, compact and practically indestructible, our LED flares and warning beacons will see your workers through the darkest of nights.

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