Eflare LS510
Technical Specs


Light Sensor Function

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  • The construction of the Eflare LS510 incorporates a Light Sensor photo diode which is triggered by light received by the lens
  • Turning on the LS510 beacon activates its Light Sensor switching facility which controls the on/off functions. The Light Sensor photo diode reacts to light levels to turn the beacon off during daylight conditions and on for low ambient or no light conditions
  • This is a special order beacon. Please check with your local distributor for availability
  • Light Colour
  • Candela
    • Flash = 30
    • Steady = 30
  • Weight Inc batteries 450g
  • Height 20cm
  • Flash Rate 165-185fpm
  • Battery Type 2 x D Cell
  • Battery Life 40 hours

Rubber Base Mount

  • General purpose mount for all Eflare Beacons.
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Aviation Base Mount

  • Secure mount for special purposes.
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Cone Clip

  • Attaches to any Eflare Beacon to enable vertical positioning of the beacon on most types of cones.
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Magnetic Base Cap

  • Combined Magnetic Base and Cap.
  • Can be used with any Eflare Beacon.
  • Rated to 80 KPH when securely mounted on vehicle.
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Floatation Collar & Lanyard

  • Suitable for use with any Eflare beacons using D Cell batteries.
  • Provides reliable self-righting buoyancy for marine use.
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Magnetic Clip

  • Attaches to any Eflare Beacon.
  • Not suitable for moving vehicles.
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Compact Magnetic Base Cap

  • For use with 280 series (not suitable for moving vehicles).
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One Way Fabric Hood

  • Contains beam to one direction.
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Two Way Fabric Hood

  • Contains beam to two directions.
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Daylight Hood

  • Attaches to any Eflare Beacon for limiting spread of light beam.
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Small Eflare Bag

  • Carry bag for 2 to 3 beacons plus accessories.
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Large Eflare Bag

  • Carry bag for 4 to 6 beacons plus accessories.
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Shoulder Strap

  • 135 cm total length for personal carrying options.
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Rail Base Mount

  • Secure magnetic mount for rail industry.
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